Legoland | Kansas City

Location: Crown Centre, Kansas City
Price for 2 adults, 2 children: $61.80 (book online to save $)
Military discount? No
Value for Money: **** (4 stars)

Our family is slightly (ok ok… significantly) obsessed with Lego, or as they say here in the US: “Legos”. We have boxes upon boxes of the colourful stuff, including several pieces that I swear turn into barbed wire spikes when left on the ground at night.

For us, a trip to Kansas City just wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Legoland Discovery Centre.

Having been to Legoland Florida previously, I was a little uncertain as to what to expect for a Legoland Discovery Centre. Essentially, it was a scaled down version of the same thing, without the thrill rides. Thankfully it was all indoor as the temperature outside was sitting at a balmy 9°F (-13°c) – way too cold for this tropical lover to contemplate spending much time outdoors. After a sleepless night thanks to two over-excited, hyped-up children, we arrived several minutes before the 12pm time listed on our ticket. Allocated arrival times = no waiting in line! Bonus points for that, Legoland. 🙂

Inside, it was much of what I’ve come to expect from Lego: highly themed areas, with plenty of areas for the kids (and grown-ups) to explore, create and discover. The factory room, showing how Lego is made, and featuring a window into the workshop of the Master Builders was a highlight.

The cafe had a surprising selection of healthy choices, albeit a little expensive thanks to the captive audience (once you leave the centre, you can’t get back in… so no sneaking out for lunch elsewhere). The kids each chose a Lego lunch ($15) which included a ham and cheese sandwich, chips, juice or milk, fruit cup, a toy and a decent sized Lego shaped plastic lunchbox to keep. I enjoyed a delicious salad ($9), thankful that the container kept all the salad ingredients separated, keeping them fresh and allowing me to mix to my taste. No soggy salad is a big plus for me.

I have read some reviews that suggested the entry fee was too steep. I think value for money at a place like this really depends on how much free-play your family enjoys and how old your children are. The “organised” activities – rides, workshop, and walking through displays probably lasted 2 hours. We were all quite happy to spend an additional 3-4 hours playing in the playground, eating lunch, building contraptions in the free-play areas and revisiting some of the displays. We also visited the 4D cinema several times as they play different movies throughout the day. In all, it is a perfect day out for the under-10 age group, or Lego tragics like us.



Some tips to enjoy your trip more:

– Kids have to wear socks on the playground (no-one wants to crawl through someone else’s tinea). They’re available for sale in the cafe, but are ridiculously expensive, so don’t forget to bring your own if your kids wear shoes without socks.

– All staff members have Lego Minifigures on their name tag. If you bring along a mini figure (or two) from your own collection, you can swap them with the Legoland team for free.

– Double sized prams (strollers/pushers/whatever) aren’t allowed. Wasn’t a problem for us, but something to think about if you have two little ones.

– No outside food is allowed (water and baby food exempted). We brought water bottles for the kids and filled them at the ever present water fountains.


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  • January 4, 2015 at 9:54 am

    Good info Bec. Will keep in mind if we get back to the USA and the kids advance in their Lego interest.


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