Wreck It Ralph | Free Movie Deal




Everyone loves a freebie.

If you have an existing iTunes, Google Play or VUDU account, you can link that account to Disney Movies Anywhere (it’s easy and free). When you link your accounts, you can download Wreck It Ralph, in full HD, free of charge.

Haven’t heard of Disney Movies Anywhere? Rather than come up with my own fancy words for what it is, I’ll let their website do the talking: “Disney Movies Anywhere is an app and website where you can browse, buy and watch your collection of eligible Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies across your favorite devices. Enjoy exclusive content, special bonus features, and earn points toward great rewards with your digital purchases through Disney Movies Anywhere. Easily manage, stream, and download your digital movie collection anywhere you go.”

Sounds good to me. And did I mention that it’s FREE?!


Click HERE for more details.


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