Christmas Cards!!



I LOVE LOVE LOVE sending Christmas cards.

And given the number of e-mails and Facebook messages that I get, people love receiving our Christmas cards just as much as I love sending them.

I get so many questions about my cards that this year I decided to do my first ever video about how I do them:

OK, the link you need is

Click the “Join Now” button and you’ll see all the options – and pricing – for distributor (if you want to make money using the system like I do), or customer (if you just want to send cards).

There is no minimum sign up period required, so if you plan on sending a bunch of Christmas cards, I recommend joining as a “Preferred” (wholesale) customer – it’s cheaper per card.

Then after Christmas, you can evaluate how much you’ll use the system throughout the rest of the year and you can always downgrade to Retail Customer, or stop your subscription entirely. Once you start using the system, you might just see how birthday and gift card sending throughout the rest of the year can be so easy too!



A good friend of mine, Roger, developed this video about how to create Christmas cards. Rather than reinvent the wheel by creating my own, I’m just linking to his. Thanks Roger! Here’s his tutorial:


The easiest way to send cards is with a CAMPAIGN. Here’s the tutorial on how to create one:


Need to add a bunch of names and addresses? If you’ve already got them in a spreadsheet, here’s a tutorial on how to automatically import them into Send Out Cards:


If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. If you get stuck half way through, the online chat help window on the Send Out Cards website is staffed by super helpful people. In December, the website gets a little slower… please be patient. Millions of cards get sent from all over the globe this month!



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  • December 7, 2015 at 10:20 pm

    Great vids Rebecca! Thanks for sharing the excellent ideas and SendOutCards!


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